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NordicAutomaten app – everything you need to know

Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of everyday life, offering unprecedented convenience and access to everything we need and want. As a result, many online casinos are now launching their own mobile casinos, either with their own app or with a tailored website for mobiles and tablets. The NordicAutomaten app is a great example of this, providing users with a full mobile casino experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. If you’re curious about how the app works, or what it’s like to play on a mobile casino, here we’ll explain how to get the app, what you can use it for, and the many benefits it offers.

Is it possible to play from your phone with NordicAutomaten on mobile?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to play from your phone. Most people have one or more games downloaded on their phones, and they know how convenient it is to have good entertainment and leisure easily accessible. That is why NordicAutomaten has its own app, so that you can have all casino games available to you at all times. NordicAutomaten is a very mobile-friendly casino, giving you the opportunity to play whenever and wherever you want. The app may have some differences from the website in terms of the products and choices available, but you will still have a first-class gaming experience that is both user-friendly and equally entertaining. If you don’t want to download the app, you can also use the browser on your mobile or tablet. Here, the page will be similar to the version you would otherwise see when using a laptop. Both the browser version and the app of NordicAutomaten are specially adapted, so that it is still just as user-friendly to use. Both the browser version and the app work for both Android and iOS, so all you need is a device and an internet connection.


NordicAutomaten Android and iPhone app

Are you ready to get started with the fun? You can easily download the app for both Android and iOS by clicking on the link provided. For Android users, it is important to go into your privacy settings and turn on unknown sources, as the app is not available in Google Play. If you need more guidance, you can contact customer service for assistance. With the app, you will have access to your favorite games in a stylish and user-friendly interface. For iOS devices, the app is available in the iTunes store or on the NordicAutomaten website. Simply click and you will have the app available on your mobile or tablet.

If you don’t have a player account yet, it’s easy to create one on your mobile or tablet. Simply open the website in your browser or open the app and click on ‘Open Account’. Fill in the necessary information and create a secure password. To complete the registration process, you’ll need to confirm your account via email, which usually takes no more than a few minutes.

Benefits of NordicAutomaten on mobile

Having a mobile device as a gaming platform has several advantages. Most of us have a smartphone that we use daily and take with us wherever we go. This means that you can access your favorite casino games wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you’re on the bus, train, or stuck in a long line at the store, you can quickly and easily pick up your phone and start playing. NordicAutomaten casino will become much more accessible to you, allowing you to make changes to your account, check for new campaigns, or see if your withdrawal has been processed without having to find your computer or laptop.

Are you planning a weekend getaway and want to save space in your luggage by leaving your laptop at home? No worries, you can access everything you need on your phone. Both the app and the browser on mobile and desktop are optimized for mobile and tablet, so you won’t be missing out on any features or content. Plus, you can expect a smooth and responsive gaming experience without any technical issues, so you don’t have to worry about your phone lagging or not loading properly. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

FAQ - Questions and Answers about NordicAutomaten

Below you will find some frequently asked questions related to playing on your phone, both for those using the app and those using the browser on their phone. If you have any other questions related to the NordicAutomaten app or playing through the browser when using your mobile or tablet, you can always contact customer service or check out more frequently asked questions in the help center.

Regardless of whether you are playing on a laptop, tablet, or mobile, you will still be able to enjoy all of the Live Casino games. If you are using your mobile device, you can choose to play either through your browser or through the NordicAutomaten app. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the Live Casino category to access the games. The only factor that could potentially affect your ability to play these games is your internet connection.

All features will be available and tailored to the device you are using, whether you are logged in via browser on your mobile or tablet. To view your gaming history, simply log into your account, select ‘Casino’, open a game, and click on the clock symbol with a backward arrow for an overview.

If your phone rings while you are playing a game in your browser or app, the game will be automatically paused. Once you end the call, the game will resume as normal. You can also choose to continue the game from where you left off if you haven’t finished your round. It is important to note that some phones may lose their internet connection.

No matter if you’re playing through your browser or using the app on your mobile or tablet, you still have the chance to make changes to your player account. Once you’re logged in, simply click on the personal icon in the top right corner and select the ‘Responsible Gaming’ option from the menu on the right. This will give you the opportunity to adjust your account, like setting a deposit limit or self-excluding yourself.

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